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Resin Surfaces

Resin bound surfaces allows water to naturally drain through the finished surface which means no more puddles. The surface is also resistant to weeds and gives a better traction for tyres and making it better for walking on.

Resin bound surfaces are least up to 10 times more eco friendly than concrete surfaces. This helps in looking after our environment and are taking steps to lower our carbon footprint. All our resin bound drives, paths and patios are made up of natural stone and 100% organic resin. The overall finish provides a fantastic, yet is as strong and durable as concrete without the heavy cost to the planet.

Resin drives Somerset 8 Benefits of resin bound surfaces
  • Smooth finish: With no loose stones.
  • Easy access: Ideal for driveways, paths or ramps
  • Fuss-free maintenance: Tough enough to withstand pressure washing
  • Resistant to weeds: Resin bound surfacing doesn’t support the growth of weeds.
  • Hard-wearing: Resistant to petrol, diesel and oil.
  • Permeable: Water can flow freely through the surface, which complies with SUDS regulations.
  • Quick to install: On Day 1, we lay it. On Day 2, you can walk or drive on it.
  • Flexible and seamless: Can be laid with no joins. It’s perfect for shaped areas and it can be laid in decorative patterns.
Resin drives Somerset Resin bound and bonded - The difference

There are two types of resin surfacing systems. With very similar names, but which produce very different results. Resin bound is permeable and resin bonded is non-permeable.

‘Resin bonded’ is sometimes also used as a generic term for both systems. This can be misleading, since the systems produce different results.

For more information regarding which would be more suited to you, call our experts today for advice.

Resin drives Somerset See our samples

We can meet you on site to dicsuss requirements and for you to see the selection of samples for the different types of resin that are offered.

There is such a vast variety that you will find something to suit you garden and taste.

Get in contact on 01823 478 678 to book a consultation.


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